1 2 Lend Private Limited is one of the six firms in Singapore to be issued the new money lending license from the Ministry of Law since the moratorium was imposed in 2012.

The one-time lifting of the moratorium is part of an initiative to better protect borrowers through business-led improvements.
The new models include more comprehensive use of data to access creditworthiness, using digitalised processes to lower cost and giving better terms to those who repay their loans early or on time.

This new licence is only issued by the Ministry of Law to firms with paid-up capital of at least S$1 million and have demonstrated a track record in providing consumer credit, whether in licensed money lending or in other sectors of consumer credit.

This should be one of the most trustworthy licensed money in Singapore with as low as 2.5% admin fee and low interest rate.

Their Chinese name are pronounced as 新港贷款, if you are asking if there is any relationship with anyone from Hong Kong, you need to check it out yourself. Any 古惑仔coming after you for default, don’t worry definitely NO!

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