Actually, I not very sure if they are stirring up some news for the quiet market in Hong Kong.
2 couples who 3 1 of them is over 50, 2 in the mid 40 and 1 early unpopular actress in the early 30s.
They were recently embroiled in a scandal where two parties were caught cheating and implicating their celebrity partners.

I hope this such news, which is quiet common over the past few years and the Chinese market public and new generation had no interest in their affair anymore.
But at least, media is still trying to cook something up and make it all over the media for the quite April.

Here’s what happen.

Who’s involved?

Mr A, a veteran 51 year old singer. I really hope someone can remember him, his song or… ..sorry, I dont really know this guy.

Miss J, sorry, I totally don’t know who is she.hope she is female.

Miss S, ok, this is one of the lady I know best, always saw her in KTV where my friend will sing. She is popular, and funny in some movies with Andy Lau.

Mr M, I reongize his face in some HK drama, but not that i know he is with Miss J.

What happened?

Mr A has been married to superstar Miss S for five years, while Mr M has been in a relationship with Miss J for three years.

Miss S and Mr M appeared to be friends, (who know it is more than that)

On the other side, Miss J has been label as “itchy” most of the time by HK media. She need lots of KFC – FCK – fingering good.

The expose

Mr A and Miss J were caught cheating on their partners after Hong Kong publication Apple Daily released a 16-minute video clip of them fingering, licking, pressing, smoothing intimately in a taxi.
The footage appeared to have been taken after a gathering on April 3 and there was another friend named K in the taxi.

How did Apple Daily get the video clip?

The taxi driver offered to sell the footage to Mr A at HKD500,000 (around S$86,393) initially, but they did not strike a deal.
As such, both Mr A and Miss J were already aware and hope that this video could leak to boost their awareness to the public.

The footage was later sold to Apple Daily at HKD400,000 (around S$69,114) which was then released on April 16, 2019.
It took quiet a while.


Hours after the news report, Mr A held a press conference in the evening of April 16 at 7pm.
He apologized to Miss S and expressed his remorse, calling himself a “damaged person”.

Mr A will be stopping all work activities, which might include his upcoming concert in September.(maybe the ticket is not selling well)

Miss J, later posted an apology on Instagram on April 17.

Mr M, also took a break from filming and spoke up for his girlfriend, Miss J, (most likely give her a good KFC (FCK) first.

On April 18, Miss S posted on her Instagram addressing the scandal — two days after it broke.
She expressed her support for Mr A, as she took this incident as an important lesson for both of them. also KCF

Last but not least, get the latest Mala KFC fried chicken, you will know what it taste like for them and for you.