It’s common enough to the point of routine: Every few weeks or so, a new video emerges that shows a driver menacing a cyclist in a case of road rage. But what if the situation escalates, and the cyclist has a chance to fight back?

Footage out of Singapore this week shows what can happen when an irate driver leaves the relative safety of their vehicle to physically threaten a person on a bike. Posted by SG Road Vigilante, a safe-streets advocacy group, the video captures the moment when a driver attempts to run down a cyclist, leaves his truck with what appears to be a weapon, and charges at his target—only to have the cyclist drop him in one punch.

The video begins mid-argument with the cyclist reprimanding the driver, who turns his truck and drives in the rider’s direction. The cyclist, who has dismounted, then carries his road bike to the sidewalk and appears to try walking away.

That’s when the driver parks his truck, rushes out, and runs toward the cyclist with an object in his hand. But seconds later, the cyclist knocks the aggressor flat with a single left hook to the head. The driver then sits up but stays on the ground with his hand to his face, while the rider mounts his bike and pedals away.