Due to different influence from social media, information and technology, lots of university students fall into the trap of wrong financial concept. Some of the wrong concepts are as follow:

  1.  Money is to spend
    Begin a students is one of the greatest and happiest tie of everyone life time. We don’t have to worry about money. What we really care during our school time is having insufficient pocket money. We never tell our parents that they are giving too much money.
    Whatever amount of money they give to us, it is our tasks to finish it as soon as possible.
    Whenever there is a shortage of cash, we are squeeze our brain cell and excuse to try and get more money from them.
  2. Never monitor income and expense
    Nowadays students don’t monitor or take notes of their daily expense. With mobile games, e payment, online shopping doing all their best marketing strategy every moments. Students are spending more than ever at this era.
  3. Credit Cards / Online loan
    Getting credit cards and online loan is getting more and more easier in today world. Using future money for self is a common practice in today Uni students practices.
  4. Never work for money
    The new generation of students will not work hard for money. Many parents will even settle the down payment for their first apartment or flats. Others will stay and stick to their parents till the flats pass down to them.