Do you know that everyday, you are doing something that is giving your embedded cancer an opportunity?

These are the 7 things that you hidden cancer likes you to do.

  1. They like you to smoke. these embedded virus like you to smoke. You may think that you lung like it, you may think that you are enjoying nut the true facts is, he is waiting.
    A non smoker of getting lung cancer assume to be 1% , smoker will get a 17% higher chance of getting it.
    It time to quit.
  2. Alcohol. Getting drunk is one thing, however, drinking just give your liver more stress and duties to work harder.
    the chances of getting liver cancer or hardening and disease is higher. Moderate drinking helps, do not exceed 25grams of alcohol per day.
    Remember, never drink with empty stomach.
  3. Salt. Do you know that taking too salty food will hurt your intestine? Daily intake of salt should not exceed 6 grams.
    Try not to eat preserve food, sour plum, preserved bacon.
  4. Red meat. This is one of the most favorite food for everyone. Beef, pork, lamb are also high cholesterol food. When the intestine are digesting these items, they are producing more glycocholic acid and more cholesterol metabolites are produce. These are the damaging properties to the intestine that will eventually develop intestine cancer.
    Take less the size of your palm (excluding finger) per day of meat. Have a mix of fish and chicken.
  5. Oily and fried food. Take less than 25grams of oil per day.
  6. Hot. You should not hurt your throat taking hot food above 60 degree.
  7. Sweet. If you like sweet food. Sweet and salty foods and beverages are incredibly addictive.
    That’s why many processed foods are loaded with them. They trigger the release of dopamine, a brain chemical that motivates us to engage in rewarding behaviors.
    Having fewer receptors for dopamine can trigger overeating. One study found fewer receptors for dopamine in the brains of obese individuals.Over time, our tolerance for sweet and salty foods builds up, and we need more to reward ourselves.
    We’re basically feeding our taste buds, This creates a vicious cycle, because our taste buds typically crave what we feed them.”

    It doesn’t help that sugary and salty foods — especially processed foods — are highly accessible.
    It’s extremely challenging for kids, in particular, to ignore the natural temptation of these addicting foods and to fight cravings in the school environment and at home
    Finally, if you have diabetes, you probably know you get hungrier than other people. But excessive hunger can mean your blood sugar is too high or too low.


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